Barefoot Saturday: Winter Time Fun

Winter is my favorite time of the year. Warm clothes, hot tea, reading by the fire; those are some of my favorite things. Of course, reading by the fire would be number one of my list. In Oklahoma, we received our first winter blast. We even had a snow day on Friday. We had so much fun playing in the snow. After playtime, now its time to snuggle up and read your favorite Barefoot Book with your kids. Storytime is such a wonderful time for you and your children. I love when I have my girls on either side of me, listening to my voice and hearing a story being told. Such wonderful memories! Here are some of our favorite stories.


Storytime_PBwCD_W_3First Tales for Sharing

Share a traditional tale and provide a stepping stone into the land of art and story. The seven folk tales in this colorful collection are well known and well loved, and each imparts an important lesson using humor, action, adventure and classic characters. Book with CD edition includes stories read by actor Jim Broadbent.

Ages 3 to 7 years
Retold By: Stella Blackstone
Illustrated By: Anne Wilson
Narrated By: Jim Broadbent

Our favorite story is The Gingerbread Man. “Run, run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me. I’m the Gingerbread Man!” We all sing it together!

Reading to your kids will give your family long-lasting memories that you will treasure forever. You will also be creating lasting traditions for your family. Your kids will be reading these same stories to their children.


Barefoot Saturday: You and Me

You and Me
Written by Stella Blackstone
Illustrated by Giovanni Manna
Ages 1 to 4
Large Format Board Book

Imagine yourself in a variety of situations along with the boy and girl in this simple rhyming text. As they play an imaginary game of opposites and contrasts, the children explore valleys and hills, light and dark, and hot and cold, but find that in the end, it’s best when “You’re you, and I’m me.”

You and Me is one of my favorite books in the Barefoot Books catalog. As you turn each page, your child will learn about opposites in a very imaginative way. The illustrations by Giovanni Manna are absolutely beautiful. To me, each page is a work of art.

When I read this book to my girls, my voice gets very soft and calm. The rhymes are very soothing as are the pictures.  Usually, my daughter and I will play a little game. I will read the first page and she will say the opposite from the next page. It’s fun watching her little mind work out what the opposite is.