Barefoot Books Fun!

I had the most amazing time yesterday. I traveling down to Grapevine, Texas for a Barefoot Books workshop. I met some amazing Barefoot ladies and learned so much. We talked about our love for Barefoot, planning and team building. We made lots of personal goals concerning Barefoot Books. We can’t wait to share Barefoot with EVERYONE!!

Living Barefoot is not just reading books; it’s a lifestyle. It’s about creativity, expression, diversity, and sustainability. Through Barefoot, you are able to teach your child so many wonderful life lessons in a fun and caring way. I love taking my kids to different places and with Barefoot you can take a trip everyday! You can go Mexico, Tanzania, Kenya, India, China or other amazing places.

I love being a Barefoot Ambassador. It’s such a fulfilling way to connect with families. I love sharing traditional stories with little children. Their eyes just shine with happiness and wonder! Can you tell that I love Barefoot?!

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Did you know that every Barefoot Book is a work of art? Every time I share a book for the first time, I always hear “oooh it’s so pretty!” The illustrations are so vivid and beautiful. Your child will be amazed with every page. Plus, these books will be entertain your child for at least 20 minutes! LOL

Barefoot is an amazing world! You should really take the jump and find out what’s its all about!


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