About Me

Who am I? Wife, mother, book-lover.  I have two beautiful girls, two dogs (Layla and Ringo) and two cats (Harry and Ella). Yes, my house is nuts! By day, I’m an environmental attorney. I try to keep the Oklahoma air clean. My other passion is Barefoot Books, a wonderful independent books publisher. I’m a Barefoot Ambassador where I can bring you the joy of children’s books. By night, I sneak in some book blogging. I’m also a HUGE Oklahoma Sooners fan. BOOMER!!

Why am I starting a book blog?  Because I love to read, of course!  I have a tendency to have a one track mind.  So I focus on one genre at a time. Genres I have read are historical fiction, mystery and the classics (especially Jane Austen). Since I started my blog, I’ve starting books that I never thought I would read. From Urban Fantasy to Jane Austen, I love discovering new books and authors. Plus, I’m a member of a wonderful book club called Books, Babes and Booze and we will read anything.  So, you will see all kinds of reviews.  Lots of historical fiction, Austenesque fiction and urban fantasy, but some general fiction and maybe some nonfiction (not my favorite) will be read and reviewed.  You just never know what I will be in the mood for. Basically, anything that strikes my fancy. . For any questions or review requests, please contact me at kinxsboooknook@gmail.com. Thanks, Kendal